Invisible Windshield Protection Film

Introducing our revolutionary Car's Window Protection Film, designed to provide the ultimate safeguard for your vehicle's windows. With its clear texture, this film ensures optimal visibility while offering exceptional protection. Engineered to be scratch-resistant, it maintains the pristine appearance of your car's windows. Our film goes above and beyond with its anti-shatter feature, capable of withstanding impacts equivalent to 100 foot-pounds, guaranteeing your safety and peace of mind. Furthermore, it provides an impressive 95% UV protection, shielding you and your passengers from harmful rays. With its remarkable heat-reducing qualities of 82%, it keeps the interior cool and comfortable during scorching summer days. What's more, our film has been proven to strengthen windshields by up to 39%, reinforcing the structural integrity of your car. Experience unrivaled protection and enhanced driving pleasure with Car's Window Protection Film.

“ Dramatically reduce the risk of cracks on your windshield by strengthening the durability of the glass panel by up to 39%*"

An additional protective coating to protect the exterior of the windshield  created by a collaboration between Autozkin and an US-based world-class product research company. The clear film is made of a specific synthetic polymer substance that is thick, resilient, and can efficiently support the weight of debris impacting the glass.